Good things come in small packages.

Ghost Ponies!

It seems that I’ve been away from the blog for so long that it has become infested with ghosts…pony-ghosts, no less!

As fitting as this may be for the day after Halloween, I really don’t think it is quite the right thing for a My Little Pony themed blog.

Luckily for me, comic artist/writer Tristan Jones sent the Ghostbusters around and they sent those pesky pony phantoms packing!

Thank goodness for Peter Venkman, that’s all I can say.

To see more of Mr Jones’ creepy-cool art, check him out at and

Ironically, I am actually breaking my long absence from the blog in order to inform you that I will be absent for a little while longer…sorry about that! I am currently taking part in NaNoWriMo and most of my free time will be taking up writing (technically I shouldn’t even be taking the time to make this post, but shhh…I won’t tell if you don’t!

See you all in December…or earlier if I give up on this crazy project!

Disclaimer: Fizzy and Sparkler were the very obliging models for the pony phantoms portrayed. No ponies passed on or were otherwise harmed in the making of this piece.

Fashions off the Field #11

Sorry I haven’t been posting much. I’ve had a pretty rough year health wise and lately it seems like I don’t have the energy to do anything much other than go to work. I do have a couple of cool posts planned for the hopefully-not-too-distant future. In the mean time, in honour of my long absence from blogging…medical themed ponies!

Nurse Redheart

Nurse Redheart is one of the staple background characters of the “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” (MLP:FIM) cartoon series. Her overall look should be sweet, but not impractical. White, pink and red should be the dominate colours, and a few love hearts and or crosses are also key. Instead of carrying a handbag or purse, why not carry a stylish first-aid kit. You can still slip your wallet and keys inside, plus you’ll be well-equipped in the case of an emergency.


Feeling a little loopy? Maybe this is the look for you! This pony, unofficially known as “Screwball” appeared in Ponyville during Discord’s brief reign of chaos. This style is pretty simple, and it’s all in the name. Screw. Ball. Easy! Bonus points if you add a propeller hat and spiral contact lenses into the mix!

Hard Knocks

This poor little guy was a background character in the “Read it and Weep” episode of MLP:FIM. Again, this is a pony with no official name, but he has been dubbed “Hard Knocks” by the fans. What a little trooper! Channel this guy’s look by wrapping yourself up in a bandage-syle dress and other medical-themed paraphenalia. I’ve been really inspired by vibrant hair colours recently and the magenta of Hard Knocks tail (and, presumably, mane) could look really stunning. On another note, I want all of those shoes so badly, it hurts.

There were actually three different nurse pony toys in G1..but sadly I do not own any of them. They are definitely on my want-list, though!

Fashions off the Field #10

How are you all this fine Thursday? Munchy and I have been having a grand old week trying our best to keep out of the Melbourne cold by rugging up and sneaking out at lunch times for the occasional hot meal (mmm…cheeseburgers). We’ve also thrown together some outfit ideas for your amusement and inspiration. Enjoy!

Munchy McDonald


The key to Munchy’s look is warm colours. Take your inspiration from Ronald McDonald (I bet that’s a suggestion you never thought you’d receive!) and think in yellows and reds (and stripes!). Throw in fast-food motifs wherever you can…Etsy is a great place to shop for cute accessories such as these hamburger earrings. Oh, and don’t forget to use your Juno-esque hamburger phone (you’ll have to speak up, though).

Munchy Hot Dog


Going a bit cutesy is another way to rock the junk-food look…and there’s nothing more kawaii than anthropomorphic foodstuffs! Give the look some real pop with ketchup-red lips and nails.

Munchy Pretzel

For a formal event, Munchy still sticks to her favourite warm colours, but opts for pastel tones to soften the look a bit. Her handbag has an elegant swirly pattern subtly reminiscent of pretzels, and it just so happens that it’s big enough to carry some for her favourite snacks to keep her energy up when she’s out gadding about. Of course, Munchy has a bit of an irreverent streak, so when even when she’s going formal she isn’t going to tone things down TOO much. I can definitely see her donning the same sublime eye makeup as the model above.

Munchy Hamburger


If there is one pony who knows how to relax, it’s Munchy, and she certainly does it in…well not in “styleas such, but in…”abundance” perhaps? That hamburger bed is certainly not something I can imagine many people wanting in their bedrooms but looking at it now, and be honest, don’t you want to try sleeping in it, if only once? Most of my own pyjamas when I was younger were actually just over-sized t-shirt, and this “food porn” tee just seems to perfectly express Munchy’s attitude towards junk food and her sense of humour about the whole “food guilt” issue. So why don’t you pull on your most comfy pair of tube socks, snuggle up with a little hot-dog friend and maybe enjoy some short-stories as a kind of literary bed-time snack. Some people might judge you, but Munchy and I sure won’t!


I’ve been in a really foul mood lately, which is partly the reason for my extended leave from blogging. One of the things that has put me in this funk is food guilt.

You see, I am surrounded on a daily basis by people who seem to be forever dieting, visiting the gym and otherwise preaching about the sins of sugar, fat, gluten,lactose and…well just about any food you can think of. While I think it’s great to take care of your body, I can’t stand when people look down on others for taking care of their bodies in a different way.

Let me be frank.I love junk food! Sugar, meat, fat… I love it all. I also eat plenty of vegetables and grains and am fairly comfortable with my weight and overall physical health. Recently, however, I’ve found that people’s comments about the junk food I eat at work rather upsetting. On some days I feel too ashamed to eat anything in front of people.

I’m sick of feeling this way, and I have found the perfect pony to get me past this feeling…Munchy!

Munchy is a “Twice as Fancy” pony. Instead of having their cutie marks confined to their hips, these ponies have symbols covering their entire sides and back, with a small symbol on their faces.


Munchy has a yellow coat with peachy-coral coloured hair. Her cutie mark/s consist of a plethora of hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries.

What I like best about Munchy’s cutie mark is, not only does it feature junk food, but most of the foods pictured are meat-products…and she’s a pony!


I imagine that Munchy’s strange taste in snack products would be considered taboo by most ponies and that she would face much of the stigma that I feel. Instead of sulking about what the other ponies think of her eating habits, however, Munchy is unashamed of who she is and what she enjoys. In fact, Munchy’s positive attitude even leads her to persuade other people to enjoy the simple joy that a little snacking can bring. I mean, just read the story on the back of the packaging she was sold with:

After the last baseball game of the season, Munchy called the ponies together to give them a special surprise. “Follow me!” she cried, leading them to a pile of baseball bats and baseballs. When she wiggled her nose, the bats burst into hot dogs, and the balls turned into bags of french fries! “This is better than a home run!” Slugger cheered, biting into his third hot dog!

So join me and Munchy in saying “Stuff you!” to food guilt. What’s your favourite junk food? What do you do when you feel like indulging your taste buds? We’d love to hear from you!

Clown Registry

I’ve been off work for most of the week with a nasty headcold and have spent most of the time sleeping or lying on the couch staring blankly at the walls. I did, however, want to try and do something that was in some way inspired by Boogle the pony, an original character created by Bethany Van Scott, who I recently interviewed.

I kept thinking of Boogle’s clown-like attributes, and how I wanted to focus on these…but how? I am a big fan of Stephen King’s “It”, but I had only recently read the novel and watched the film, and as great as they were I was not really in the mood to revisit these again just yet. Thinking about “It” did, however, lead me to thinking of another creepy clown that I love, Mr Jelly from the BBC series “Psychoville”.

Mr Jelly is the one on the right with the sour expression.
If you enjoy dark British humour, I can’t recommend “Psychoville” highly enough!

In particular, I remembered a particular scene in “Psychoville”, in which Mr. Jelly explained to his rival (and former surgeon) Mr. Jolly. about the tradition among clowns of registering one’s makeup by painting it on an egg.

I think we all know where this is going.

I decided that making a Boogle-egg would be the perfect sick-day activity. Instead of basing the makeup on Boogle the pony, however, I based it on various photos Bethany has posted of herself in clown makeup very similar to her pony-sona.

I took a bit of creative license and incorporated various elements of two or three different makeup looks that Bethany has donned.

It is likely that I could have done a slightly better job if I weren’t ill…and if I had a white egg rather than a brown one to start with…but I’m still pretty happy with the results. What do you guys think?

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this yarn. It seemed perfect!

If you’re interested in learning more about the clown eggs, there’s an interesting and informative article on the National Clown Week website.

To see Bethany’s work, including images of Boogle (in both her pony and penanggalan/doll form), you can find her via her DeviantART page.

And now it’s back to bed for me…but not before I have another hot lemon drink.

Fashions off the Field #9

I enjoyed my interview with Bethany Van Scott so much that I just had to dedicate my next style post to her and her adorable pony-sona, “Boogle”.


This look is directly inspired by Boogle the pony. Just like her, it’s bright, quirky and cute. To get this look, grab the most vibrant shades of orange purple and green you can get your hands on and throw them together with cheerful abandon! mixing prints and throwing on an oversized wind-cheater really adds to the clownish feel of this. Most of us probably wouldn’t be comfortable wearing Boogle’s clown face-paint out, but that’s not to say you can’t have a little fun with your makeup. A bright green lipstick would match Boogle’s own lips and is sure to turn heads. Oh, and don’t forget to load on lots of eyeball accessories. That eye manicure is ridiculously awesome…if anyone decides to do that to their own nails I’d love to see a photo!

Boogle and Bethany both love The Gromble from Nikelodean’s “Ahh! Real Monsters!”. Although I love this picture  by Bethany, I  think it would actually be pretty difficult to make a Gromble costume,not to mention impractical, and so…

The Gromble Steps Out

…this outfit could be a nice compromise. A mint-green dress is a nice match for the Gromble’s skin tone, and I’ve paired it here with a dark green bag to match his hair colour. a wide belt and black gloves are staples of the Gromble’s look…and don’t forget his signature red pumps! The Gromble must have dozens of those shoes, so it would be nice to have something pretty to store them in, like this shoe trunk. I vaguely remember him using a bone as a pointer or something in class, but maybe that’s just my imagination? Can anyone confirm this?

Queen of the Beetles

Her body is white and fleshy-soft – a beacon of desire.  Her brethren cluster at her breast in awe and anticipation.  Tremble before her, all you who are unworthy, lest ye be crushed beneath her heel.

Kitty Monster

Boogle’s best friend is a little plush toy named Kitty-Monster…who appears to be one of the snuggliest things on the planet. Don’t have your own to cuddle up with when the lights go out? That’s okay! Why not, go to bed dressed as your very own version of Kitty-Monster? Fluffy, clawed slippers and a cat-eared hat will keep you toasty warm as you curl up in bed with some light reading, perhaps with another kitty plush to keep you company. A stash of midnight snacks is virtually a necessity under the circumstances. May I suggest some sour worms? Those of you who are a little braver may like to try some of these lollipops with real insects inside. Go on…I dare ya!

So that’s all for my style tribute to Boogle and her lovely creator. Hmm, there are a few here I’d love to try out myself (if only I had that mint dress!) What about you, readers? Would you wear any of these?

Perhaps you’d like to try putting together your own outfits inspired by Boogle and/or Bethany? Please post a link here if you do, as I’d love to see the results!