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It seems that I’ve been away from the blog for so long that it has become infested with ghosts…pony-ghosts, no less!

As fitting as this may be for the day after Halloween, I really don’t think it is quite the right thing for a My Little Pony themed blog.

Luckily for me, comic artist/writer Tristan Jones sent the Ghostbusters around and they sent those pesky pony phantoms packing!

Thank goodness for Peter Venkman, that’s all I can say.

To see more of Mr Jones’ creepy-cool art, check him out at and

Ironically, I am actually breaking my long absence from the blog in order to inform you that I will be absent for a little while longer…sorry about that! I am currently taking part in NaNoWriMo and most of my free time will be taking up writing (technically I shouldn’t even be taking the time to make this post, but shhh…I won’t tell if you don’t!

See you all in December…or earlier if I give up on this crazy project!

Disclaimer: Fizzy and Sparkler were the very obliging models for the pony phantoms portrayed. No ponies passed on or were otherwise harmed in the making of this piece.


I’ve been so busy getting ready for my holiday and trying to wrap things up at work that I just haven’t been able to finish today’s post. I HOPE to get it up tomorrow, but in the mean time please enjoy this sketch portrait of yours truly that I was lucky enough to get last weekend from Tristan Jones (one of the artists who does the creature concept art for the new Ghostbusters comic series). Tristan was one of the many great artists doing free sketches at All Star Comics’ Free Comic Book day extravaganza.

“Need more poniesssss!!!”

I’m pretty sure this is what every artist sees when I bug them for freebies.

See you all soon, and I apologise again for the lack of proper update!

For my first “Fashions off the Field” post I have, using Masquerade as my inspiration, styled four different outfits. Each of these outfits is designed for a different context and all are intended to explore various facets of this mysterious, masked pony – from her vibrant green and yellow colour scheme to her presumed penchant for disguise and costume.

Undercover Masquerade

With her flair for disguise, deception and intrigue, Masquerade makes the ideal secret agent. Here, a floppy hat and and large glasses conceal just enough of her face to give people the impression that you she has something to hide…although I’m a little dubious of her ability to hide anywhere while wearing that trenchcoat.  The stylish suitcase (containing only the essentials, of course!) provides her with the means to take off for hernext mission with only a moment’s notice. Finally, a good spy never leaves a trace of where they’ve been, so don’t forget those gloves, agent Masquerade!

Masquerade Secred Identity

 The form-fitting dress, bold block colours and, of course, tights that make up the foundation for the outfit mimic the sleek yet flashy look often favoured by comic book superheroes, and the onomatopoeic brooch brings this point home with a resounding “BIFF!”  However, if TV has taught us nothing else (and it hasn’t), it’s that if a person puts on a pair of glasses no one will be able to recognise them for the spandex-clad, omnipotent fighter of evil they may actually be. With this axiom in mind, our hero has decided to don not one, but three pairs of spectacles…just to be on the safe side.

Masquerade Ball

It would seem silly to me to write a style post relating to Masquerade without exploring the more traditional connotations associated with her name itself, and that’s just what I’ve sought to do here. Masquerade has, for a change, toned down her usual palette in favour of a predominately black and white look for something elegantly feminine… although a small nod is still made to her more standard livery by way of an unlikely-coloured wig and one of Illamasqua’s highly pigmented lipsticks. The theme of concealment and disguise is carried throughout this outfit with accessories depicting female masks and silhouettes. The whole look is topped off with a mask so stunning, this belle may be reluctant to take it off come midnight.

Masquerade's Midninght Misadventures

Now, here’s a very different kind of mask! Cheeky, too. It may help to conceal Masquerade’s eyes from the observer, but I highly doubt she’ll have much trouble seeing out from that fringe. This makes it perfect for getting to to all kinds of shenanigans after the lights go out, such as…reading comic books and eating snacks under the cover!

Superhero Hello Kitty (who looks strangely like a Mexican wrestler) is Masquerade’s partner-in-crime in these misadventures. Kitty may have to watch herself, though, I wouldn’t put it past this duplicitous Masquerade to set her up as a patsy who will be left holding the bag (of Maltesers). Are there any depths to which this masked villainess will not stoop in order to satisfy her glutinous craving for chocolate and superhero adventures? Oh, the horror!

There you have it, the many faces…er, masks…of masquerade! If any of you out there have worn outfits yourselves themed around masks, disguise or subterfuge I’d love to see them. Just post a link in the comments.

I must admit, I’ve never really worn an outfit themed around masks or disguises, but this weekend I may have a special reason to…but you’ll have to wait til Monday to see what that reason is!

Hello, and welcome to “All The Pretty Ponies”. It is my intention to use this blog to take my lifelong love of My Little Pony toys and translate it into my current lifestyle by profiling each of the ponies in my personal herd, styling outfits based on their appearance and personality and undertaking activities in my everyday life inspired by these diminutive equines.

Essentially I am on a quest to bring some colour into my life…in the form of plastic ponies.

So let’s kick everything off with my very first mid-week pony profile: Masquerade!

Masquerade is a relatively recent addition to my collection. I obtained her in early 2010 from a seller in the UK.




She is a Twinkle-Eyed pegasus pony, one of a collection of ponies with faceted, jewel-like eyes. Masquerade’s eyes are a yellowish shade of green.




Her cutie mark, which you may or may not be able to discern from my fuzzy photos (I really need to find my better camera) features a series of masquerade masks.

Masquerade’s name, and the style of the masks that make up her cutie mark immediately conjures up images of elegant masked balls, with floaty dresses and extravagant disguises.Something about the almost garish colour scheme of this pony seems to jar with this image, however, and I find that there is just something about Masquerade’s vibrant hues, jewel eyes and mask motif that just seems to scream “Superhero!” to me.

I may be slightly biased in this area, of course. I grew up with and older brother and an uncle who were (and continue to be) mad comic-book fanatics and their love of the medium couldn’t help but filter down to me. This is, of course, why I have decided to photograph Masquerade along side one of my current favourite superhero comics, “Empowered”. I will point out that this particular series is definitely not safe for work, however if you like sexy comedy and masked superheroes, then I can’t recommend is highly enough!

Well, that’s all from me and Masquerade for now. Later in the week I’ll post some outfits I’ve styled based on this character…but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own suggestions! What do you think an outfit based on Masquerade should look like? How do you see this pony? What would she be like if she were a human? Do, tell!