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I’ve been in a really foul mood lately, which is partly the reason for my extended leave from blogging. One of the things that has put me in this funk is food guilt.

You see, I am surrounded on a daily basis by people who seem to be forever dieting, visiting the gym and otherwise preaching about the sins of sugar, fat, gluten,lactose and…well just about any food you can think of. While I think it’s great to take care of your body, I can’t stand when people look down on others for taking care of their bodies in a different way.

Let me be frank.I love junk food! Sugar, meat, fat… I love it all. I also eat plenty of vegetables and grains and am fairly comfortable with my weight and overall physical health. Recently, however, I’ve found that people’s comments about the junk food I eat at work rather upsetting. On some days I feel too ashamed to eat anything in front of people.

I’m sick of feeling this way, and I have found the perfect pony to get me past this feeling…Munchy!

Munchy is a “Twice as Fancy” pony. Instead of having their cutie marks confined to their hips, these ponies have symbols covering their entire sides and back, with a small symbol on their faces.


Munchy has a yellow coat with peachy-coral coloured hair. Her cutie mark/s consist of a plethora of hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries.

What I like best about Munchy’s cutie mark is, not only does it feature junk food, but most of the foods pictured are meat-products…and she’s a pony!


I imagine that Munchy’s strange taste in snack products would be considered taboo by most ponies and that she would face much of the stigma that I feel. Instead of sulking about what the other ponies think of her eating habits, however, Munchy is unashamed of who she is and what she enjoys. In fact, Munchy’s positive attitude even leads her to persuade other people to enjoy the simple joy that a little snacking can bring. I mean, just read the story on the back of the packaging she was sold with:

After the last baseball game of the season, Munchy called the ponies together to give them a special surprise. “Follow me!” she cried, leading them to a pile of baseball bats and baseballs. When she wiggled her nose, the bats burst into hot dogs, and the balls turned into bags of french fries! “This is better than a home run!” Slugger cheered, biting into his third hot dog!

So join me and Munchy in saying “Stuff you!” to food guilt. What’s your favourite junk food? What do you do when you feel like indulging your taste buds? We’d love to hear from you!


…Well so much for those “more regular updates” I keep promising! I really don’t know how these serious bloggers do it. Perhaps I need to work on my organisational skills a bit more and rework my schedule? Maybe I just need to get better sleep so I don’t feel so run down all the time.

Anyway, let’s see if we can’t make up for some lost time with a profile of one of my favourite baby ponies, Baby Firefly.

One first thing I want to clear up about Baby Firefly is the issue of her somewhat confusing name. The original “Firefly” was an adult pegasus pony released in the second year of the My Little Pony franchise. A Baby version of this pony was released the following year and was, like all baby ponies that were based on specific adult ponies,  a miniature version of her mother.

The Baby Firefly I am referring to in this post, however, is entirely different. This Baby Firefly was part of a set, the  “Baby Sparkle Ponies”, who are notorious for having the same names as previously released ponies, including other baby ponies.

Confused, never mind. Here, look at the pretty pony!


I actually had a Baby Firefly when I was little, but was coerced into giving it to a friend of mine when I was in Primary School. It was for this reason that, when my childhood interest in My Little Ponies was rekindled a few years ago, Baby Firefly was one of the very first that I tracked down and bought (and probably paid a bit more than I should have for her in my enthusiasm…oops!).

Like all the Baby Sparkle Ponies, Baby Firefly’s body was semi-transparent and filled with silver glitter. Baby Firefly’s body is a transparent, deep purple and she has a curly, golden mane and tail.

Baby Firefly’s cutie mark is a kite with ribbons tied to its tail surrounded by stars.

More so than any other baby pony I have, Baby Firefly seems to capture the spirit of childhood.  I think kites are perhaps the most magical item a child can play with. There is something almost indescribably wonderful about holding on to something as it flies, about feeling it pull against you. The fact that the kite depicted in Baby Firefly’s cutie mark appears to be flying completely untethered, and the fact that she herself is a pegasus, seems to perfectly express the feeling of complete freedom and innocence that we, as adults, seem to think of as characteristic of childhood (I seem to remember that it never FELT very free at the time, what with grown-ups always telling me what to do and always having to wait so long for every exciting event to come along).

I see Baby Firefly as essentially the “Peter Pan” of  My Little Pony world. She represents that perfect state of childlike wonder and innocence. The desire for adventure and the endless pursuit of, and awe in the face of, new sites and experiences – rolling down a grassy hill, looking at funny shapes in the clouds, collecting insects and watching for bright lights in the skies.

Thinking about this all really makes me want to fly a kite again…I literally can’t remember the last time I did so! Unfortunately it’s a bit too parky here at the moment (ie. COMPLETELY FREEZING!) so that kind of dulls the edge of my enthusiasm to do anything outside. Also I don’t have a kite, which may also be something of an impediment. I did see some lovely kites shaped like insects and animals the last time I went to the Violet Town market, so I may have to stop by there again some day and see if I can find them again.

Are there any items or symbols that you guys think of as characteristic of childhood, either “childhood”, generally, or your own, specifically?

I intended to make this post last Wednesday, but I’ve been so busy that I just haven’t had time to get this up. I think you’ll forgive me when I tell you the reason, though. You see, last Wednesday was the fifth anniversary of my first date with my wonderful boyfriend, Evan!

This is, in fact the reason that I selected my current pony profile subject…Heart Throb.

Heart Throb is a pegasus pony, part of the second special sets of unicorn and pegasus ponies produced for Hasbro.

I only acquired Heart Throb very recently…as in about two months ago! I bought this from a wonderful seller on the My Little Pony Trading Post. I can highly recommend joining that site if you are interested in buying or selling My Little Ponies. All of the members I have interacted with so far have been super sweet, and sellers seem to set very reasonable prices for their ponies. They also have a feedback system that allows you to see what other forum members have thought of their transactions with other users, which is quite handy for when you’re trying to scope out whether or not your comfortable buying from/selling to a particular person.

Anyway, my Heart Throb (The pony, that is…not Evan) has had her hair curled at some point, and the effect is super sweet. Both her mane and tail are in large, loose barrel curls (the kind I wish I had in my own hair!) and her forelock is a little ringlet that falls in front of her eyes. Adorable!

Her cutie mark is a series of pink hearts with glittery silver wings.

While I didn’t have a toy of Heart Throb when I was little, she was in the My Little Pony cartoon that I used to watch! Heart Throb was cultivated (she always spoke in a very refined accent), sophisticated and obsessed with anything to do with love, courtship, beauty and high society. She wants every other pony to feel the love that she feels every day and to enjoy what she considers to be the finer things in life – like makeovers and costume parties. She sometimes comes off as a little shallow and superficial and she doesn’t really seem to understand that not every pony places the same importance on makeup and romance as she does. Still, at least her heart is in the right place.

To take these photos I dressed Heart Throb in a piece of jewelery that is very precious to me. Evan he this necklace years ago for our anniversary…or Valentine’s day…or maybe my birthday. Oops! I can’t remember the exact occasion…but it’s okay because he doesn’t remember either. The one thing we do both remember is that it was a few years ago and that I have treasured it ever since. The pendant is in the shape of a heart with a heart-shaped piece of black opal. Evan bought chose this necklace specially because he knew, without me having to point it out for him, that opals are my absolute favourite gemstone.

I now where this necklace on almost every anniversary (and Valentine’s day…just in case :-P) as well as any other time I want to be reminded of Evan and the love we share.

I apologise if I’m being a bit too sentimental…at least Heart Throb would understand my mood!

Do any of you have a special object that reminds you of a loved one? If it’s not too personal, perhaps you’d care to share your story with us in the comments below!

A few weeks ago I briefly introduced you to my very first pony, Bouquet. Although I dedicated a whole post to telling you about how I first received Bouquet and how she began my long-running obsession with My Little Ponies, I never actually gave her a proper profile post…so here it is!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Bouquet is a Brush ‘n’ Grow Pony, one of those ponies with ling manes and extra-long, retractable tails.

One of my favourite things about Bouquet, however, is her colour scheme. her mane and tail feature streaks of bright yellow and almost-neon orange, with a surprise shock of ice-blue. Her plain white body allows this startling and beautiful contrast of colours to really pop.

The most enigmatic quality that Bouquet possesses is her name. In most cases a link (at times a very tenuous link) can be drawn between a pony’s name and her cutie mark. However, despite the fact that Bouquet’s name relates to flowers her cutie mark is…a floppy sun hat. I have to admit, this incongruity tickles me!

I imagine Bouquet’s personality as refined, but a little shy. Imagine a cross between Rarity and Fluttershy from Friendship is Magic. With a cutie mark like that, you just know that Bouquet would be interested in fashion, millinery and, I suspect, shopping.

I am a big fan of hats myself…but I always seem to lose them somehow. In the past week alone I have lost two of my favourite hats, which is particularly annoying as the weather is getting quite cool now and I like wearing hats to keep my ears warm. I am confused about what could have happened to one of these hats in particular, as I could swear I didn’t wear it outside of my apartment at all. If Bouquet could talk, I’m sure she’d scold me (gently) for my carelessness.

Do you have a favourite hat that you own or one that you wish you owned? I’ve always wanted to get myself a top hat…but I’m not convinced I would ever wear it.

I have an extra special treat for this week’s Pony Profile. Introducing…Sweet Scribbles!

In her interview earlier this week, Nessbow of described what she thought she would be like if she were a My Little Pony, and this is my interpretation of that character.

I tried to give Sweet Scribbles a super-long and luxurious tail and mane, much in the style of the G1 Brush ‘n’ Grow ponies. This was done partly because Nessbow’s favourite childhood pony, Twisty Tails, was a Brush ‘n’ Grown pony and partly because…well…have you seen this girl’s hair?

She puts Rapunzel to shame

As for the glasses, I don’t think she would wear the all the time, but who can resist a pony in glasses?

Sweet Scribbles makes friends everywhere she goes with her warm heart and honest, upfront nature. She is adventurous both in life and fashion and doesn’t always follow the rules, so watch out! Ultimately she is a sweet and kind-hearted mare and delights in bringing colour and laughter into the lives of every pony she meets.

Because I don’t know how to colour images, I used General Zoi’s Pony Creator game to create a rough idea of what I think her colours might look like.

Create your own pony here

I should stress, of course, that this is just my personal interpretation of Sweet Scribbles. Sweet Scribbles belongs to Nessbow.

So what do you guys think? Does Sweet Scribbles seem like a good match for Nessbow? What would each of you be like if you were a pony?

I wasn’t able to find today’s pony to profile, but I did find this cute little box, instead.

Let’s have a look inside…


…”Baby Surprise”, in fact.



Baby Surprise was part of the first ever set of baby ponies. Like the other ponies in this set, she was based on an adult pony that had been released as a toy in a previous year. In this case, obviously, Baby Surprises mother was the pegasus pony, “Surprise”.



Like the other baby ponies, Baby Surprise’s cutie mark was a smaller/cut down version of her mother’s cutie-mark. While Surprise had five glittery purple balloons on her flank, Baby Surprise sports just the one.


I never had Baby Surprise when I was little…but one of my friend’s, did! I had a couple of friends who were as pony mad as me, and we would sometimes bring our ponies over to each others’ houses to play. I was always jealous of my friend’s Baby Surprise. I just loved her bright, almost neon yellow/green hair, which made her so different to any of the ponies I had. She was my “If only…” pony. This is why she is one of the first ponies I bought for myself when I discovered how many could be found on eBay.

Just looking at surprise always makes me want to smile.  I always think of her as “the birthday pony”, and everything bout her just seems to scream “Party Time!”  to me.

Personally I usually have fairly quiet birthday celebrations. Maybe I’ll go out to dinner with family or friends and have a slice (okay, SEVERAL slices) of cake…that wouldn’t suit this pony, though! You can tell from her neon-coloured hair, glittery symbol and even her name that Baby-Surprise would go all out for birthdays. Balloons! Noise makers! Silly hats! Mountains of lollies! Lashings of lemonade!

Of course, there has to be some kind of surprise involved,too…

Anyway, do any of you have an “If only…” toy from your childhood (or more recently even)? The Christmas present you never got? The blind-bagged figurine you never seemed to find? Did you ever get it in the end?