I enjoyed my interview with Bethany Van Scott so much that I just had to dedicate my next style post to her and her adorable pony-sona, “Boogle”.


This look is directly inspired by Boogle the pony. Just like her, it’s bright, quirky and cute. To get this look, grab the most vibrant shades of orange purple and green you can get your hands on and throw them together with cheerful abandon! mixing prints and throwing on an oversized wind-cheater really adds to the clownish feel of this. Most of us probably wouldn’t be comfortable wearing Boogle’s clown face-paint out, but that’s not to say you can’t have a little fun with your makeup. A bright green lipstick would match Boogle’s own lips and is sure to turn heads. Oh, and don’t forget to load on lots of eyeball accessories. That eye manicure is ridiculously awesome…if anyone decides to do that to their own nails I’d love to see a photo!

Boogle and Bethany both love The Gromble from Nikelodean’s “Ahh! Real Monsters!”. Although I love this picture  by Bethany, I  think it would actually be pretty difficult to make a Gromble costume,not to mention impractical, and so…

The Gromble Steps Out

…this outfit could be a nice compromise. A mint-green dress is a nice match for the Gromble’s skin tone, and I’ve paired it here with a dark green bag to match his hair colour. a wide belt and black gloves are staples of the Gromble’s look…and don’t forget his signature red pumps! The Gromble must have dozens of those shoes, so it would be nice to have something pretty to store them in, like this shoe trunk. I vaguely remember him using a bone as a pointer or something in class, but maybe that’s just my imagination? Can anyone confirm this?

Queen of the Beetles

Her body is white and fleshy-soft – a beacon of desire.  Her brethren cluster at her breast in awe and anticipation.  Tremble before her, all you who are unworthy, lest ye be crushed beneath her heel.

Kitty Monster

Boogle’s best friend is a little plush toy named Kitty-Monster…who appears to be one of the snuggliest things on the planet. Don’t have your own to cuddle up with when the lights go out? That’s okay! Why not, go to bed dressed as your very own version of Kitty-Monster? Fluffy, clawed slippers and a cat-eared hat will keep you toasty warm as you curl up in bed with some light reading, perhaps with another kitty plush to keep you company. A stash of midnight snacks is virtually a necessity under the circumstances. May I suggest some sour worms? Those of you who are a little braver may like to try some of these lollipops with real insects inside. Go on…I dare ya!

So that’s all for my style tribute to Boogle and her lovely creator. Hmm, there are a few here I’d love to try out myself (if only I had that mint dress!) What about you, readers? Would you wear any of these?

Perhaps you’d like to try putting together your own outfits inspired by Boogle and/or Bethany? Please post a link here if you do, as I’d love to see the results!