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I’ve been in a really foul mood lately, which is partly the reason for my extended leave from blogging. One of the things that has put me in this funk is food guilt.

You see, I am surrounded on a daily basis by people who seem to be forever dieting, visiting the gym and otherwise preaching about the sins of sugar, fat, gluten,lactose and…well just about any food you can think of. While I think it’s great to take care of your body, I can’t stand when people look down on others for taking care of their bodies in a different way.

Let me be frank.I love junk food! Sugar, meat, fat… I love it all. I also eat plenty of vegetables and grains and am fairly comfortable with my weight and overall physical health. Recently, however, I’ve found that people’s comments about the junk food I eat at work rather upsetting. On some days I feel too ashamed to eat anything in front of people.

I’m sick of feeling this way, and I have found the perfect pony to get me past this feeling…Munchy!

Munchy is a “Twice as Fancy” pony. Instead of having their cutie marks confined to their hips, these ponies have symbols covering their entire sides and back, with a small symbol on their faces.


Munchy has a yellow coat with peachy-coral coloured hair. Her cutie mark/s consist of a plethora of hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries.

What I like best about Munchy’s cutie mark is, not only does it feature junk food, but most of the foods pictured are meat-products…and she’s a pony!


I imagine that Munchy’s strange taste in snack products would be considered taboo by most ponies and that she would face much of the stigma that I feel. Instead of sulking about what the other ponies think of her eating habits, however, Munchy is unashamed of who she is and what she enjoys. In fact, Munchy’s positive attitude even leads her to persuade other people to enjoy the simple joy that a little snacking can bring. I mean, just read the story on the back of the packaging she was sold with:

After the last baseball game of the season, Munchy called the ponies together to give them a special surprise. “Follow me!” she cried, leading them to a pile of baseball bats and baseballs. When she wiggled her nose, the bats burst into hot dogs, and the balls turned into bags of french fries! “This is better than a home run!” Slugger cheered, biting into his third hot dog!

So join me and Munchy in saying “Stuff you!” to food guilt. What’s your favourite junk food? What do you do when you feel like indulging your taste buds? We’d love to hear from you!