Good things come in small packages.

Pony Resources

Dream Valley – A Collector’s Guide to My Little Pony

A great resource for all generations of My Little Pony toys. The G1 Pony identification engine is lots of fun and surprisingly reliable. I was able to track down the names of a lot of my childhood ponies here.


My Little Pony Trading Post

You can pick up some great bargains on second-hand ponies here! The community is generally very open and friendly, too. A must for collectors of any level of interest.


My Little Wiki

The name says it all, really. An open source encyclopedic reference of all things My Little Pony.


Equestria Daily

Arguably the premier site for news relating to the My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic cartoon. The site also spotlights G4 fanart and fanfiction, products currently available, and any other material of interest to the “Brony” fandom.


Mane 6 –  MLP:Fighting is Magic

A bunch of very tech-savvy bronies and friends putting together a non-licenced fighting game based on the MLP:FIM cartoon.


Fashion and Style


Nessbow’s bright writing style, eclectic sense of fashion and bold personality are a continuing source of joy and inspiration.


Violet le Beaux

Cute, princess-y and creative. What more needs to be said?


Extra Large as Life

I generally steer clear of sites with a strong focus on body image, but Natalie’s fun and overwhelmingly positive blog is irresistible.


Home and Lifestyle

Making it Lovely

Hands-down my favourite home design blog.


Apartment Therapy

This site is full of great ideas and inspiration DIY projects.


Casa Pinka

The design musings of an artist/ER doctor with a passion for pink.


Yay or Neigh

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