Good things come in small packages.

Are you a fan of My Little Pony? Then drop me a line!

Feedback/Suggestions/Complaints: If you have something to say about a topic I’ve mentioned in my blog or of you have an idea for something you would like to see me post about in the future, don’t be shy! Just leave a comment in the “Yay or Neigh” section under any of my posts. Keep in mind, however, that comments that are disrespectful, offensive or unreasonably hateful will  be deleted. It is okay to link to other websites, including your own in your comments, however if I believe a comment to be “spammy” it will, in all likelihood be deleted. If you believe your comment has been deleted in error, please contact me at the email address below.

Guest Posts: I’m always on the lookout for interesting pony-fans to interview for my blog. Fans of any and all generations of My Little Pony toys or cartoon series are welcome to apply. If you are willing to provide images of yourself, your pony collection and/or your own My Little Pony fan character I am more likely to consider your request. I try to respond to all emails regarding guest post and interview opportunities, even if I am unable to acquiesce your request. You can contact me about guest posting opportunities by emailing me at the address below.



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