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Sorry I haven’t been posting much. I’ve had a pretty rough year health wise and lately it seems like I don’t have the energy to do anything much other than go to work. I do have a couple of cool posts planned for the hopefully-not-too-distant future. In the mean time, in honour of my long absence from blogging…medical themed ponies!

Nurse Redheart

Nurse Redheart is one of the staple background characters of the “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” (MLP:FIM) cartoon series. Her overall look should be sweet, but not impractical. White, pink and red should be the dominate colours, and a few love hearts and or crosses are also key. Instead of carrying a handbag or purse, why not carry a stylish first-aid kit. You can still slip your wallet and keys inside, plus you’ll be well-equipped in the case of an emergency.


Feeling a little loopy? Maybe this is the look for you! This pony, unofficially known as “Screwball” appeared in Ponyville during Discord’s brief reign of chaos. This style is pretty simple, and it’s all in the name. Screw. Ball. Easy! Bonus points if you add a propeller hat and spiral contact lenses into the mix!

Hard Knocks

This poor little guy was a background character in the “Read it and Weep” episode of MLP:FIM. Again, this is a pony with no official name, but he has been dubbed “Hard Knocks” by the fans. What a little trooper! Channel this guy’s look by wrapping yourself up in a bandage-syle dress and other medical-themed paraphenalia. I’ve been really inspired by vibrant hair colours recently and the magenta of Hard Knocks tail (and, presumably, mane) could look really stunning. On another note, I want all of those shoes so badly, it hurts.

There were actually three different nurse pony toys in G1..but sadly I do not own any of them. They are definitely on my want-list, though!


How are you all this fine Thursday? Munchy and I have been having a grand old week trying our best to keep out of the Melbourne cold by rugging up and sneaking out at lunch times for the occasional hot meal (mmm…cheeseburgers). We’ve also thrown together some outfit ideas for your amusement and inspiration. Enjoy!

Munchy McDonald


The key to Munchy’s look is warm colours. Take your inspiration from Ronald McDonald (I bet that’s a suggestion you never thought you’d receive!) and think in yellows and reds (and stripes!). Throw in fast-food motifs wherever you can…Etsy is a great place to shop for cute accessories such as these hamburger earrings. Oh, and don’t forget to use your Juno-esque hamburger phone (you’ll have to speak up, though).

Munchy Hot Dog


Going a bit cutesy is another way to rock the junk-food look…and there’s nothing more kawaii than anthropomorphic foodstuffs! Give the look some real pop with ketchup-red lips and nails.

Munchy Pretzel

For a formal event, Munchy still sticks to her favourite warm colours, but opts for pastel tones to soften the look a bit. Her handbag has an elegant swirly pattern subtly reminiscent of pretzels, and it just so happens that it’s big enough to carry some for her favourite snacks to keep her energy up when she’s out gadding about. Of course, Munchy has a bit of an irreverent streak, so when even when she’s going formal she isn’t going to tone things down TOO much. I can definitely see her donning the same sublime eye makeup as the model above.

Munchy Hamburger


If there is one pony who knows how to relax, it’s Munchy, and she certainly does it in…well not in “styleas such, but in…”abundance” perhaps? That hamburger bed is certainly not something I can imagine many people wanting in their bedrooms but looking at it now, and be honest, don’t you want to try sleeping in it, if only once? Most of my own pyjamas when I was younger were actually just over-sized t-shirt, and this “food porn” tee just seems to perfectly express Munchy’s attitude towards junk food and her sense of humour about the whole “food guilt” issue. So why don’t you pull on your most comfy pair of tube socks, snuggle up with a little hot-dog friend and maybe enjoy some short-stories as a kind of literary bed-time snack. Some people might judge you, but Munchy and I sure won’t!

I enjoyed my interview with Bethany Van Scott so much that I just had to dedicate my next style post to her and her adorable pony-sona, “Boogle”.


This look is directly inspired by Boogle the pony. Just like her, it’s bright, quirky and cute. To get this look, grab the most vibrant shades of orange purple and green you can get your hands on and throw them together with cheerful abandon! mixing prints and throwing on an oversized wind-cheater really adds to the clownish feel of this. Most of us probably wouldn’t be comfortable wearing Boogle’s clown face-paint out, but that’s not to say you can’t have a little fun with your makeup. A bright green lipstick would match Boogle’s own lips and is sure to turn heads. Oh, and don’t forget to load on lots of eyeball accessories. That eye manicure is ridiculously awesome…if anyone decides to do that to their own nails I’d love to see a photo!

Boogle and Bethany both love The Gromble from Nikelodean’s “Ahh! Real Monsters!”. Although I love this picture  by Bethany, I  think it would actually be pretty difficult to make a Gromble costume,not to mention impractical, and so…

The Gromble Steps Out

…this outfit could be a nice compromise. A mint-green dress is a nice match for the Gromble’s skin tone, and I’ve paired it here with a dark green bag to match his hair colour. a wide belt and black gloves are staples of the Gromble’s look…and don’t forget his signature red pumps! The Gromble must have dozens of those shoes, so it would be nice to have something pretty to store them in, like this shoe trunk. I vaguely remember him using a bone as a pointer or something in class, but maybe that’s just my imagination? Can anyone confirm this?

Queen of the Beetles

Her body is white and fleshy-soft – a beacon of desire.  Her brethren cluster at her breast in awe and anticipation.  Tremble before her, all you who are unworthy, lest ye be crushed beneath her heel.

Kitty Monster

Boogle’s best friend is a little plush toy named Kitty-Monster…who appears to be one of the snuggliest things on the planet. Don’t have your own to cuddle up with when the lights go out? That’s okay! Why not, go to bed dressed as your very own version of Kitty-Monster? Fluffy, clawed slippers and a cat-eared hat will keep you toasty warm as you curl up in bed with some light reading, perhaps with another kitty plush to keep you company. A stash of midnight snacks is virtually a necessity under the circumstances. May I suggest some sour worms? Those of you who are a little braver may like to try some of these lollipops with real insects inside. Go on…I dare ya!

So that’s all for my style tribute to Boogle and her lovely creator. Hmm, there are a few here I’d love to try out myself (if only I had that mint dress!) What about you, readers? Would you wear any of these?

Perhaps you’d like to try putting together your own outfits inspired by Boogle and/or Bethany? Please post a link here if you do, as I’d love to see the results!

Could it really be? Two posts in as many days? Somehow I don’t think this trend will continue for long, but let’s just enjoy it while we can, shall we?

Here are a few outfits I’ve styled inspired by that innocent and fun-loving pony, Baby-Firefly. I must say, I really enjoyed putting these ones together. Every now and then it’s nice to have a bit of ‘zazz in one’s life, and with her glittery appearance Baby Firefly sure knows how to make an outfit sparkle.

Firefly WinterFestival

This first outfit was inspired by the fact that I was visiting some friends in Belgrave last weekend for the lantern festival, a celebration held every year to coincide (roughly) with the Winter Solstice. For this reason I chose a dress with lantern sleeves, as well as warm, fluffy winter accessories (don’t forget the thermal underwear, too…Belgrave is FREEZING this time of year!). To coordinate with Baby Firefly’s overall colour scheme we have here some lovely purple tights (with Swarovski crystal accents, no less) and a metallic handbag.

Firefly Kite

Baby Firefly’s favourite past-time would, of course, have to be kite flying. Winter may not be the most traditional season for kite-flying, but maybe with some warmer accessories we could make it work? The insect theme, inspired by the name of our baby pony friend is carried through with this whimsical butterfly kite print…not to mention the dragonfly kite!

Firefly Glitter

Not enough glitz in your life, Baby Firefly can sympathise! There’s no reason to despair, however. With the array of glittery accessories out there, even a plain and casual outfit can become a flamboyant cacophony of sheer SPARKLE! Bangles, shoes, belts, rings, purses…the options are virtually limitless. If you can’t find the perfect shiny accent to go with your outfit, you can always try making your own glitter heels.

Firefly Nightlights

I used to be crazy for purple when I was a teenager, and while I can’t say the same applies these days, I do still feel a soft spot for this colour. I can imagine Baby Firefly would be the kind of girl to drape her whole bedroom in purple, and I must admit, that purple dressing-gown does look pretty lusciously cozy. Of course, it wouldn’t be Baby Firefly’s bedroom without multiple sources of (preferably purple and sparkly) lights! I can just imagine curling up with a mug of hot chocolate (I always use real chocolate for hot-chocolates…none of that powdered stuff) and gazing up at a tangle of purple fairy-lights and imagining they’re fireflies.

Have any of you ever worn any Firefly-esque outfits? Acres of purple? Piles of glitter? If so, I’d love to see a photo!

Heart Throb and I would like to dedicate this style post to all of the people who keep trying to tell me that you shouldn’t put pink and red together because they “clash”. Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once:
Pink IS Red.
Pink is a shade of red, and I think it’s nonsense to say that they should not be put together. Aside from that, I think people should wear any colour they want together, rather than worrying about silly fashion “rules”.
That is all I have to say on the matter. Now, on to the outfits!

In honour of my five-year anniversary with my honey, these outfits were styled around one simple question, “What would Heart-Throb wear/do to celebrate love?” Well, let’s see!

Food of Love

There’s nothing more romantic than a picnic…and Heart Throb agrees! I like to keep things a little casual for a picnic, with cute prints, comfy shoes, and a few whimsical accents (I seriously adore that armadillo bag!) Grab some food to share with your sweetheart (preferably something home-made), curl up on a picnic-blanket and have a nibble, perhaps accompanied by some of your favourite tunes? If you, like me, are in the southern hemisphere and are currently experiencing weather conditions that are not so conducive to dining outside, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun! Why not spread a blanket on your lounge-room floor, break out the plastic cutlery and crockery and treat yourself and a loved one to an indoor picnic. How sweet!

Love Potion

Perhaps you prefer a more formal event to celebrate your love? This outfit would be great for a fancy dinner date, followed perhaps by a movie or even a horse-drawn carriage ride. The cape-like sleeve on this dress has something of the sorceress or witch about it, an idea that is reinforced by carrying a love potion about your neck! This glittery-silver purse is the perfect homage to Heart-Throb’s cutie-mark, and goes great with these silver shoes… although I think a person would genuinely need to have magical powers to be able to walk in those!

Love Letters

Here’s a look for all the literary lovers out there. Emerge yourself in a world of unrequited love or happily ever after, whichever takes your fancy, with these earrings containing text from classic romance narratives. Curl up on a couch in this comfy dress with your favourite love story or poetry anthology and soak in the dreamy ambiance that only comes from ink on paper (e-readers just won’t cut it in this case!). Perhaps you and you sweetie could take turns reading to each other? Better yet, why not write your own poem, love letter or romantic masterpiece inspired by that special someone? A feather pendant around your neck and a quill pen to write down your deepest thoughts and desires will help keep you in touch with the love god, Eros (and with Heart-Throb, too!)

Love Goddess

When I was a teenager there was a brand of cosmetics I loved that had on the home page of their website the following quote:

“The laws of attraction are simple: Pout like a baby, purr like a kitten, glow like a peach and bathe like a goddess,”

Not exactly the most feminist sentiment out there, but the line about bathing like a goddess always grabbed me.

I think that the perfect bath, the most indulgent and sensual of all aquatic experiences, is undoubtedly the bubble bath. Take this experience to the next level by using pink bubble bath and sipping some champagne (but don’t get these two confused!). Wearing a pretty necklace in the tub seems almost wickedly decadent, and with their bubble-like appearance pearls make the perfect choice for this. Don’t forget a small amount of your favourite chocolates to nibble on, too. The final touch is a pair of soft slippers and a big, fluffy towel to have on hand to step into when you emerge from the tub and before laying your perfectly barrel-curled head to rest on a monogrammed pillow. Talk about “goddess”! Oh, I suppose you could invite your sweetheart to join you…if you really want.

That’s all from Heart-Throb and I for now. I hope you are all having a LOVE-ly weekend.

*kisses from Pernickety and Heart-Throb* XOXO

Well, I already gave you a few ideas about how Bouquet may dress if she were planning for a holiday, but what about when she isn’t jet-setting about the globe? Not having to pack all of her clothing into a suitcase means Bouquet would have a lot more freedom to dress in a variety of ways, so let’s have a look at how she might use that freedom.

Bouquet's Afternoon Stroll

The foundation of any of Bouquet’s outfits would have to be, of course, a really cute hat. I also threw in the floral brooch as a “tip-of-the-hat” (heh heh) to Bouquet’s appellation. This outfit features a more muted version of her natural palette, with burnt orange, sky blue and a kind of mustard-y yellow.

Bouquet Baking

Even indoors a hat can be handy. When in the kitchen, for example, hair can be tucked up into a hat, conveniently keeping it clear of food. Kitchens provide a surprising range of opportunities to accessorise your outfits with aprons, oven mitts, tea towels and even appliances coming in a range of colours and styles. Whipping up a batch of cupcakes can be the perfect excuse to play dress-ups, and Bouquet has clearly thrown herself into the task with gusto!

Dressy Bouquet

When evening falls Bouquet starts to feel a bit bolder and decides to show her true colours. I can just see Bouquet turning heads at a classy charity event in this eye-catcching get-up. In fact, with the bright colours, not-too-high heels and fluffy fascinator, this outfit could just as easily suit a day at the races. I know what pony I’m betting on to bring home the winner’s garland…and maybe a few more flowers, too boot!

Bouquet's Favourite Hat

Even when it’s time to call it a night, Bouquet couldn’t bear to be without some headwear. This stripy and pom-pom-y nightcap formed the central point of a whole “Wee-Willy-Winky” bedtime ensemble…complete with candlestick! After a short late-night read to relax Bouquet can close her eyes, satisfied with a successful day of fun and fashion and confident that a whole new day (and perhaps even a new hat) awaits her at the other side of sleep.

As for me, it’s been a long week and I’m feeling rather sleepy, myself. Goodnight, friends!