I wasn’t able to find today’s pony to profile, but I did find this cute little box, instead.

Let’s have a look inside…


…”Baby Surprise”, in fact.



Baby Surprise was part of the first ever set of baby ponies. Like the other ponies in this set, she was based on an adult pony that had been released as a toy in a previous year. In this case, obviously, Baby Surprises mother was the pegasus pony, “Surprise”.



Like the other baby ponies, Baby Surprise’s cutie mark was a smaller/cut down version of her mother’s cutie-mark. While Surprise had five glittery purple balloons on her flank, Baby Surprise sports just the one.


I never had Baby Surprise when I was little…but one of my friend’s, did! I had a couple of friends who were as pony mad as me, and we would sometimes bring our ponies over to each others’ houses to play. I was always jealous of my friend’s Baby Surprise. I just loved her bright, almost neon yellow/green hair, which made her so different to any of the ponies I had. She was my “If only…” pony. This is why she is one of the first ponies I bought for myself when I discovered how many could be found on eBay.

Just looking at surprise always makes me want to smile.  I always think of her as “the birthday pony”, and everything bout her just seems to scream “Party Time!”  to me.

Personally I usually have fairly quiet birthday celebrations. Maybe I’ll go out to dinner with family or friends and have a slice (okay, SEVERAL slices) of cake…that wouldn’t suit this pony, though! You can tell from her neon-coloured hair, glittery symbol and even her name that Baby-Surprise would go all out for birthdays. Balloons! Noise makers! Silly hats! Mountains of lollies! Lashings of lemonade!

Of course, there has to be some kind of surprise involved,too…

Anyway, do any of you have an “If only…” toy from your childhood (or more recently even)? The Christmas present you never got? The blind-bagged figurine you never seemed to find? Did you ever get it in the end?