I managed to get Baby Surprise to sit still for long enough to help me put together this week’s Fashions off the Fields post…but don’t think it was easy! I think some filly has been into my chocolate stash and is on a sugar-high 😮


I can’t say I’ve ever worn neon colours before. If you’re like me and a little shy to wear something so bright, take a leaf our of Baby Surprise’s book and try adding small amounts of neon to your outfits by way of small accessories. Dark purples keep the yellow from being too overpowering as well as adding a more conventionally feminine touch to the outfit. Don’t forget a cute little balloon pendant to mimic Baby Surprise’s cutie-mark. Choosing a colour that differs from the rest of the outfit will ensure it really stands out.

Surprise Horsefeathers

Smile! Life may seem a bit grim some days, but you can always rely on Baby Surprise to bring a touch of levity to your day. With sunny yellow accessories, plenty of smiley faces and heels high enough to brush the sky, this cutie reminds everyone around her to “Look up”. If the worst comes to the worst and you just can’t seem to shake the blues, just a touch of horsefeathers can help you remember not to take life too seriously.

Surprise Citrus Medley

I can’t look at the colour yellow without thinking “lemons”. Seriously. Mixing tones of lemon yellow, lime green and blood orange creates a fresh and fun melange that’s equally appropriate for work as it it for afternoon drinkies. Margaritas, anyone?

Midnight Surprise
Carry the citrus theme into the bedroom with a lemon-scented candle to set a light and airy mood. Pegasus wings are replaced with a feather boa…perhaps someone is going tot get a special surprise tonight? Even one of the pillows is feathered and another serves as a reminder, just in case we had forgotten, to smile.

It’s not always easy to star as light-hearted and bright as Baby Surprise, but if we look hard enough there’s usually something to giggle about. This week I’ve been reading some of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, which never fail to make me snicker.

What’s making you smile this week, readers?