Well, it’s the Friday before the royal My Little Pony wedding, and how are your preparations going, readers? Hopefully by now you have some ideas on how you want to celebrate, but just in case your stuck for ideas for the perfect outfit I have put my head together with the as-yet-unnamed “Pony Bride” and we’ve come up with a few ideas about what to wear on this momentous occasion!

Royal Wedding Evening

Want to celebrate the wedding in true regal fashion? Then formal wear is a must! Pink is such a romantic colour, and an appropriate homage to the rose-hued Princess Cadence. A hat and gloves are compulsory for a formal wedding. Making these accessories black means the outfit looks a bit more mature and sophisticated – prevents it from becoming to girlish and princess-y (save that for the bride!). A few heraldic accents in the Alexander McQueen clutch LK Designs ring ate a subtle nod to the noble heritage of the happy couple. These pewter goblets are elegantly simple and something a little different to the usual crystal-ware that is seen at so many weddings. Their beautiful presentation box means they would make a lovely wedding present, too.

Royal Wedding Garden Party

A garden party is another great idea for a wedding celebration. High tee served on trestle tables decorated with white roses sounds like my idea of heaven, and these whimsical horse teacups are the perfect detail! This outfit is a bit lighter and brighter than the evening option. The dress was chosen because of its nature-inspired print and even though it has a halter-neck, wearing a cute little cardigan will cover up your shoulders and appease any of the more conservative guests that may be present. Speaking of conservative, even though this may be a day event, don’t forget your hat and gloves!

Royal Wedding Casual

Even if you’re not hosting or attending an event in honour of the pony wedding, you can still celebrate! Perhaps you just want to kick back at home or with a friend and watch the new episode, in which case you may want to try this look, directly inspired by “Pony Bride”. Nothing is more casual or comfortable than jeans, and while I can’t say I’ve ever worn white ones, they do seem appropriate for the occasion. The two doves that make up “Pony Bride”‘s cutie-mark are present in the form of a dove-grey top and figural dove brooch. Bells are used as jewelery to represent the joyous chimes of chapel bells. Hats don’t really work for such a casual outfit, so instead try trying a ribbon (blue, of course/10 through your hair.

Champagne Breakfast-in-Bed

Finally, if, like me, you are located in a time zone which actually means you won’t be seeing the wedding episode until early on Sunday 22, “Pony Bride” suggests a fun new twist on a traditional favourite…champagne breakfast in bed! Make yourself a sumptuous breakfast (what could be more regal than strawberries and cream) and head to the bedroom where, in lieu of a hat, a crown-embellished cushion provides a cheeky to the occasion. Drape yourself in silks, satins and lace, curl up with your sweetheart and watch the festivities from your own bed while sipping a glass of bubbly. It doesn’t get much more decadent than this!

That’s all from me for this week! How will you be celebrating the royal wedding?