Love is in the air! This Saturday 21 April is the date that has been set for the royal wedding of Princess Cadence to Shining Armour in the “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” cartoon series.

All this has put me in a rather romantic mood. All of a sudden I feel the need to indulge my girlie side, snuggle up with my boyfriend on the couch and eat nothing but strawberries and chocolate. To help help commemorate the occasion and to inspire me to keep this mellow mood I have chosen for this week’s pony profile: “Pony Bride”.

Pony Bride is unique among my collection. As you can see in the photos she has a more slender build than the standard G1 earth pony. She stands about half an inch taller than average with longer legs and a thinner torso. In this way she is not dissimilar to the “Sweetheart Sister” ponies.



Unlike the Sweetheart Sisters, however, she still has that classic G1 face, which I have always found so sweet.





Her cutie mark features two doves holding a length of ribbon on which are strung two gold rings.


Unfortunately I do have some small qualms about this pony, lovely though she may be. After all, being a bride is something that lasts for only the length of a wedding ceremony, so it doesn’t seem like a terribly satisfactory quality to base one’s identity around.

The name, in particular irks me. “Pony Bride” is a vague description, not a name, but it’s all the name this beauty was ever given.

As such, I propose we reinvent the Pony Bride – give her a history an a name more suitable to her noble stature.

Her cutie mark is obviously related to wedding, but does that mean she has to always be the bride? I see her more as celebrant…or a wedding planner! Perhaps she has an eye for detail that helps her guide nervous young fillies and mares with the myriad and detailed decisions that face them as they prepare to trot down the aisle.

Perhaps if we ask nicely she will share some of her fashion tips wit us for the upcoming royal wedding?

But what about the name?I have had a few thoughts on this so far:

– Fantail
– Serenity
– Tranquility
– Lovey-Dovey
– Bridal Dreams

Here, dear readers, is where I think you can help me. Do you like any of the above names? Do you have a name that you think would suit our pony friend even better? Then please,comment below and we can give this nameless pony the appellation she deserves.