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Heart Throb and I would like to dedicate this style post to all of the people who keep trying to tell me that you shouldn’t put pink and red together because they “clash”. Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once:
Pink IS Red.
Pink is a shade of red, and I think it’s nonsense to say that they should not be put together. Aside from that, I think people should wear any colour they want together, rather than worrying about silly fashion “rules”.
That is all I have to say on the matter. Now, on to the outfits!

In honour of my five-year anniversary with my honey, these outfits were styled around one simple question, “What would Heart-Throb wear/do to celebrate love?” Well, let’s see!

Food of Love

There’s nothing more romantic than a picnic…and Heart Throb agrees! I like to keep things a little casual for a picnic, with cute prints, comfy shoes, and a few whimsical accents (I seriously adore that armadillo bag!) Grab some food to share with your sweetheart (preferably something home-made), curl up on a picnic-blanket and have a nibble, perhaps accompanied by some of your favourite tunes? If you, like me, are in the southern hemisphere and are currently experiencing weather conditions that are not so conducive to dining outside, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun! Why not spread a blanket on your lounge-room floor, break out the plastic cutlery and crockery and treat yourself and a loved one to an indoor picnic. How sweet!

Love Potion

Perhaps you prefer a more formal event to celebrate your love? This outfit would be great for a fancy dinner date, followed perhaps by a movie or even a horse-drawn carriage ride. The cape-like sleeve on this dress has something of the sorceress or witch about it, an idea that is reinforced by carrying a love potion about your neck! This glittery-silver purse is the perfect homage to Heart-Throb’s cutie-mark, and goes great with these silver shoes… although I think a person would genuinely need to have magical powers to be able to walk in those!

Love Letters

Here’s a look for all the literary lovers out there. Emerge yourself in a world of unrequited love or happily ever after, whichever takes your fancy, with these earrings containing text from classic romance narratives. Curl up on a couch in this comfy dress with your favourite love story or poetry anthology and soak in the dreamy ambiance that only comes from ink on paper (e-readers just won’t cut it in this case!). Perhaps you and you sweetie could take turns reading to each other? Better yet, why not write your own poem, love letter or romantic masterpiece inspired by that special someone? A feather pendant around your neck and a quill pen to write down your deepest thoughts and desires will help keep you in touch with the love god, Eros (and with Heart-Throb, too!)

Love Goddess

When I was a teenager there was a brand of cosmetics I loved that had on the home page of their website the following quote:

“The laws of attraction are simple: Pout like a baby, purr like a kitten, glow like a peach and bathe like a goddess,”

Not exactly the most feminist sentiment out there, but the line about bathing like a goddess always grabbed me.

I think that the perfect bath, the most indulgent and sensual of all aquatic experiences, is undoubtedly the bubble bath. Take this experience to the next level by using pink bubble bath and sipping some champagne (but don’t get these two confused!). Wearing a pretty necklace in the tub seems almost wickedly decadent, and with their bubble-like appearance pearls make the perfect choice for this. Don’t forget a small amount of your favourite chocolates to nibble on, too. The final touch is a pair of soft slippers and a big, fluffy towel to have on hand to step into when you emerge from the tub and before laying your perfectly barrel-curled head to rest on a monogrammed pillow. Talk about “goddess”! Oh, I suppose you could invite your sweetheart to join you…if you really want.

That’s all from Heart-Throb and I for now. I hope you are all having a LOVE-ly weekend.

*kisses from Pernickety and Heart-Throb* XOXO