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Sorry for the long wait in between posts, guys! I thought I would be able to get a few posts done while I was in Hong Kong but that was…let’s say a little optimistic. I’ve been back now since Sunday but I’ve been so tired that I’ve barely gotten out of bed!

Anyway, I wanted to share some outfit ideas based on the newest member of the All the Pretty Ponies herd, Sweet Scribbles.

Sweet Scribbles is bright, bold, geeky and above all…well…sweet! Take a tip from Sweet Scribbles and celebrate life and fashion by injecting some ‘zazz into your wardrobe.

Sweet Scribbles Bright

It’s very easy when you’re working in a professional environment to let your style of dressing slip into the mundane. Sweet Scribbles dares you to be different. With a hot pink pencil skirt (borrowed from Nessbow‘s own wardrobe) and an electric blue bag, Sweet Scribbles demonstrates how you can put a twist on conventional office attire. The winged clogs are a quirky touch.

Sweet Scribbles Punk

Geek meets punk and the combination couldn’t be sweeter. Pair a t-shirt baring the logo of your favourite band (real or fictional) with tartan prints and schoolgirl accessories. A couple of Lego accents show that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Sweet Scribbles Vintage

Pushing boundaries and challenging conventions is all well and good, put sometimes a girl (*cough* filly *cough*) just wants to indulge her feminine side. Draw inspiration from the 1950s with circle skirts, puffy crinolines and pastel hues. Sweet Scribbles would never go anywhere without some sort of writing implement and this time she’s chosen to further indulge her nostalgia by carrying a quill pen. A stylised feather necklace is a thematic link not just to Sweet Scribbles cutie mark, but to her pegasus wings.

Sweet Scribbles Relax

At the end of a hard day of writing and being awesome, Sweet Scribbles likes to throw on a pair of cute slippers (oh my gosh…kittens!), curl up on the couch and…do some more writing! Even when it’s finally time to put the pen down and hit the hay, by slipping on a cute night-mask Sweet Scribbles doesn’t have to give up her sartorial splendour, even in sleep.


Well it’s time Bouquet and I start packing for our Hong Kong holiday! We’re only going to be away for 10 days and, on top of that, I’m planning on doing a little bit of clothes shopping over there. I want to save as much space in my suitcase as possible for all my intended purchases, but at the same time I want to be sure I have everything I need, so very careful thought is going to have to go into every item that I pack.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how a just a few items of clothing and accessories can be combined in different ways to create different outfits. A white dress is the foundation for each of the following looks which I have pulled together. It’s simple and neutral with a classic silhouette, which means it can be mixed and matched with a number of styles, accessorie sand colours (in this case inspired by Bouquet, of course!)

Bouquet Shopping
Heading off on a holiday? You probably won’t have the time and inclination to do your nails while your away. Besides, all those polishes and removers take up unnecessary space in your toiletry bag. One solution is to treat yourself to a shellac or gelish manicure…something in a fun colour that will last for your whole stay. This particular outfit is designed with shopping in mind. It’s stylish, but still practical (flat shoes are a must!). A stylish scarf will not only look good, but can protect your hair from the humidity. Oh, and don’t forget a…umm…”small” bag to carry your purchases in.
Bouquet Walking Tour
Holidays aren’t just about shopping, though (or so I’m told) and there will probably be some interesting and exciting sights to take in at your destination. For this, some sturdier walking shoes are recommended, as well as sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to keep you safe from the sun. By throwing a simple top over the same dress as we used in the last outfit, we instantly get a more casual look. I love that watch, by the way. I really like the idea of something that is both practical and aesthetically appealing. I don’t usually wear watches, but for that beauty I’d make an exception.
Bouquet Night Out

A beaded belt and cute bolero takes our familiar LWD from day to night. You’re ready to hit the town…perhaps to try out some of the local cuisine? You may have noticed the little yellow wallet that has accompanied each of these looks so far. This passport wallet has multiple compartments and a snap closure, meaning you can use it not just for your passport, but for credit cards and cash, too. Also, in the spirit of saving space in your luggage and finding multi-functional items, I bring you the “ring-that-is-also-a-pot-of-solid-perfume”. This has the added bonus of eliminating the risk of spillage that comes with packing a bottle of liquid perfume.

Bouquet by the Pool
Okay, so dresses don’t quite work in the pool…so how about we compromise with this gorgeous vintage-style bathing suit? All you need now is a cute towel (or, you know, any towel), a few items you’ve already used in previous outfits, et voila! Poolside perfection!

So there you have it – four different outfits for four different occasions, composed from a total of 20 individual elements. Not bad! Now if only I can pull together something similarly compact yet comprehensive from my own wardrobe.

I managed to get Baby Surprise to sit still for long enough to help me put together this week’s Fashions off the Fields post…but don’t think it was easy! I think some filly has been into my chocolate stash and is on a sugar-high 😮


I can’t say I’ve ever worn neon colours before. If you’re like me and a little shy to wear something so bright, take a leaf our of Baby Surprise’s book and try adding small amounts of neon to your outfits by way of small accessories. Dark purples keep the yellow from being too overpowering as well as adding a more conventionally feminine touch to the outfit. Don’t forget a cute little balloon pendant to mimic Baby Surprise’s cutie-mark. Choosing a colour that differs from the rest of the outfit will ensure it really stands out.

Surprise Horsefeathers

Smile! Life may seem a bit grim some days, but you can always rely on Baby Surprise to bring a touch of levity to your day. With sunny yellow accessories, plenty of smiley faces and heels high enough to brush the sky, this cutie reminds everyone around her to “Look up”. If the worst comes to the worst and you just can’t seem to shake the blues, just a touch of horsefeathers can help you remember not to take life too seriously.

Surprise Citrus Medley

I can’t look at the colour yellow without thinking “lemons”. Seriously. Mixing tones of lemon yellow, lime green and blood orange creates a fresh and fun melange that’s equally appropriate for work as it it for afternoon drinkies. Margaritas, anyone?

Midnight Surprise
Carry the citrus theme into the bedroom with a lemon-scented candle to set a light and airy mood. Pegasus wings are replaced with a feather boa…perhaps someone is going tot get a special surprise tonight? Even one of the pillows is feathered and another serves as a reminder, just in case we had forgotten, to smile.

It’s not always easy to star as light-hearted and bright as Baby Surprise, but if we look hard enough there’s usually something to giggle about. This week I’ve been reading some of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, which never fail to make me snicker.

What’s making you smile this week, readers?

Well, it’s the Friday before the royal My Little Pony wedding, and how are your preparations going, readers? Hopefully by now you have some ideas on how you want to celebrate, but just in case your stuck for ideas for the perfect outfit I have put my head together with the as-yet-unnamed “Pony Bride” and we’ve come up with a few ideas about what to wear on this momentous occasion!

Royal Wedding Evening

Want to celebrate the wedding in true regal fashion? Then formal wear is a must! Pink is such a romantic colour, and an appropriate homage to the rose-hued Princess Cadence. A hat and gloves are compulsory for a formal wedding. Making these accessories black means the outfit looks a bit more mature and sophisticated – prevents it from becoming to girlish and princess-y (save that for the bride!). A few heraldic accents in the Alexander McQueen clutch LK Designs ring ate a subtle nod to the noble heritage of the happy couple. These pewter goblets are elegantly simple and something a little different to the usual crystal-ware that is seen at so many weddings. Their beautiful presentation box means they would make a lovely wedding present, too.

Royal Wedding Garden Party

A garden party is another great idea for a wedding celebration. High tee served on trestle tables decorated with white roses sounds like my idea of heaven, and these whimsical horse teacups are the perfect detail! This outfit is a bit lighter and brighter than the evening option. The dress was chosen because of its nature-inspired print and even though it has a halter-neck, wearing a cute little cardigan will cover up your shoulders and appease any of the more conservative guests that may be present. Speaking of conservative, even though this may be a day event, don’t forget your hat and gloves!

Royal Wedding Casual

Even if you’re not hosting or attending an event in honour of the pony wedding, you can still celebrate! Perhaps you just want to kick back at home or with a friend and watch the new episode, in which case you may want to try this look, directly inspired by “Pony Bride”. Nothing is more casual or comfortable than jeans, and while I can’t say I’ve ever worn white ones, they do seem appropriate for the occasion. The two doves that make up “Pony Bride”‘s cutie-mark are present in the form of a dove-grey top and figural dove brooch. Bells are used as jewelery to represent the joyous chimes of chapel bells. Hats don’t really work for such a casual outfit, so instead try trying a ribbon (blue, of course/10 through your hair.

Champagne Breakfast-in-Bed

Finally, if, like me, you are located in a time zone which actually means you won’t be seeing the wedding episode until early on Sunday 22, “Pony Bride” suggests a fun new twist on a traditional favourite…champagne breakfast in bed! Make yourself a sumptuous breakfast (what could be more regal than strawberries and cream) and head to the bedroom where, in lieu of a hat, a crown-embellished cushion provides a cheeky to the occasion. Drape yourself in silks, satins and lace, curl up with your sweetheart and watch the festivities from your own bed while sipping a glass of bubbly. It doesn’t get much more decadent than this!

That’s all from me for this week! How will you be celebrating the royal wedding?

For my first “Fashions off the Field” post I have, using Masquerade as my inspiration, styled four different outfits. Each of these outfits is designed for a different context and all are intended to explore various facets of this mysterious, masked pony – from her vibrant green and yellow colour scheme to her presumed penchant for disguise and costume.

Undercover Masquerade

With her flair for disguise, deception and intrigue, Masquerade makes the ideal secret agent. Here, a floppy hat and and large glasses conceal just enough of her face to give people the impression that you she has something to hide…although I’m a little dubious of her ability to hide anywhere while wearing that trenchcoat.  The stylish suitcase (containing only the essentials, of course!) provides her with the means to take off for hernext mission with only a moment’s notice. Finally, a good spy never leaves a trace of where they’ve been, so don’t forget those gloves, agent Masquerade!

Masquerade Secred Identity

 The form-fitting dress, bold block colours and, of course, tights that make up the foundation for the outfit mimic the sleek yet flashy look often favoured by comic book superheroes, and the onomatopoeic brooch brings this point home with a resounding “BIFF!”  However, if TV has taught us nothing else (and it hasn’t), it’s that if a person puts on a pair of glasses no one will be able to recognise them for the spandex-clad, omnipotent fighter of evil they may actually be. With this axiom in mind, our hero has decided to don not one, but three pairs of spectacles…just to be on the safe side.

Masquerade Ball

It would seem silly to me to write a style post relating to Masquerade without exploring the more traditional connotations associated with her name itself, and that’s just what I’ve sought to do here. Masquerade has, for a change, toned down her usual palette in favour of a predominately black and white look for something elegantly feminine… although a small nod is still made to her more standard livery by way of an unlikely-coloured wig and one of Illamasqua’s highly pigmented lipsticks. The theme of concealment and disguise is carried throughout this outfit with accessories depicting female masks and silhouettes. The whole look is topped off with a mask so stunning, this belle may be reluctant to take it off come midnight.

Masquerade's Midninght Misadventures

Now, here’s a very different kind of mask! Cheeky, too. It may help to conceal Masquerade’s eyes from the observer, but I highly doubt she’ll have much trouble seeing out from that fringe. This makes it perfect for getting to to all kinds of shenanigans after the lights go out, such as…reading comic books and eating snacks under the cover!

Superhero Hello Kitty (who looks strangely like a Mexican wrestler) is Masquerade’s partner-in-crime in these misadventures. Kitty may have to watch herself, though, I wouldn’t put it past this duplicitous Masquerade to set her up as a patsy who will be left holding the bag (of Maltesers). Are there any depths to which this masked villainess will not stoop in order to satisfy her glutinous craving for chocolate and superhero adventures? Oh, the horror!

There you have it, the many faces…er, masks…of masquerade! If any of you out there have worn outfits yourselves themed around masks, disguise or subterfuge I’d love to see them. Just post a link in the comments.

I must admit, I’ve never really worn an outfit themed around masks or disguises, but this weekend I may have a special reason to…but you’ll have to wait til Monday to see what that reason is!