Every year the suburb of Belgrave holds a Lantern Parade to celebrate the Winter Solstice. This year some friends of mine who live in the are invited me to come out to visit then and stay to enjoy the festival…I naturally assumed that Firefly was included in the invite.

The parade was wonderful. Community members of all ages turned up in full force to warm hearts and light up the night with an impressive array of home-made lanterns. There were lanterns of all shapes, sizes an colours, from tin cans with shapes cut out of them and plastic bottles covered in crepe paper to an almost-life-sized viking ship (complete with child-vikings wearing light-up helmets) and a better-than-life-sized dalek…all glowing merrily in the winter evening.

It wasn’t just lanterns, either! The evening was full of fire twirlers and music…I did feel a little sorry for the belly-dancers, though, given how cold it was.

I intended to take lots of photos of the trip, only to discover when I arrived that:

A) I had forgotten my camera; and

B) I have no idea how to take effective photos of lights during the dark (Do you have any tips, readers? They would be greatly appreciated!)

Luckily I was able to find this picture of the Viking Ship Lantern online, courtesy of Yewenyi

Impressive, right?

I did manage to get one photo of Firefly with a lantern…

…this particular lantern was in my friends’ lounge-room rather than at the parade.

We all spent the rest of the night eating pizza and playing a quick, six hour game of Talisman. Talisman is a fantasy-themed board-game, which takes a notoriously long time to play, especially when you have six people playing, as we did. As it happened, after six hours of playing, with only a brief break to watch Black Caviar win her latest race, we didn’t get anywhere near finishing the game…

… although Baby Firefly was convinced she deserved the Crown of Command.

… although Baby Firefly was convinced she deserved the Crown of Power.

That’s all from me for now, but stay tuned! I have a very special post planned for tomorrow…