Could it really be? Two posts in as many days? Somehow I don’t think this trend will continue for long, but let’s just enjoy it while we can, shall we?

Here are a few outfits I’ve styled inspired by that innocent and fun-loving pony, Baby-Firefly. I must say, I really enjoyed putting these ones together. Every now and then it’s nice to have a bit of ‘zazz in one’s life, and with her glittery appearance Baby Firefly sure knows how to make an outfit sparkle.

Firefly WinterFestival

This first outfit was inspired by the fact that I was visiting some friends in Belgrave last weekend for the lantern festival, a celebration held every year to coincide (roughly) with the Winter Solstice. For this reason I chose a dress with lantern sleeves, as well as warm, fluffy winter accessories (don’t forget the thermal underwear, too…Belgrave is FREEZING this time of year!). To coordinate with Baby Firefly’s overall colour scheme we have here some lovely purple tights (with Swarovski crystal accents, no less) and a metallic handbag.

Firefly Kite

Baby Firefly’s favourite past-time would, of course, have to be kite flying. Winter may not be the most traditional season for kite-flying, but maybe with some warmer accessories we could make it work? The insect theme, inspired by the name of our baby pony friend is carried through with this whimsical butterfly kite print…not to mention the dragonfly kite!

Firefly Glitter

Not enough glitz in your life, Baby Firefly can sympathise! There’s no reason to despair, however. With the array of glittery accessories out there, even a plain and casual outfit can become a flamboyant cacophony of sheer SPARKLE! Bangles, shoes, belts, rings, purses…the options are virtually limitless. If you can’t find the perfect shiny accent to go with your outfit, you can always try making your own glitter heels.

Firefly Nightlights

I used to be crazy for purple when I was a teenager, and while I can’t say the same applies these days, I do still feel a soft spot for this colour. I can imagine Baby Firefly would be the kind of girl to drape her whole bedroom in purple, and I must admit, that purple dressing-gown does look pretty lusciously cozy. Of course, it wouldn’t be Baby Firefly’s bedroom without multiple sources of (preferably purple and sparkly) lights! I can just imagine curling up with a mug of hot chocolate (I always use real chocolate for hot-chocolates…none of that powdered stuff) and gazing up at a tangle of purple fairy-lights and imagining they’re fireflies.

Have any of you ever worn any Firefly-esque outfits? Acres of purple? Piles of glitter? If so, I’d love to see a photo!