I intended to make this post last Wednesday, but I’ve been so busy that I just haven’t had time to get this up. I think you’ll forgive me when I tell you the reason, though. You see, last Wednesday was the fifth anniversary of my first date with my wonderful boyfriend, Evan!

This is, in fact the reason that I selected my current pony profile subject…Heart Throb.

Heart Throb is a pegasus pony, part of the second special sets of unicorn and pegasus ponies produced for Hasbro.

I only acquired Heart Throb very recently…as in about two months ago! I bought this from a wonderful seller on the My Little Pony Trading Post. I can highly recommend joining that site if you are interested in buying or selling My Little Ponies. All of the members I have interacted with so far have been super sweet, and sellers seem to set very reasonable prices for their ponies. They also have a feedback system that allows you to see what other forum members have thought of their transactions with other users, which is quite handy for when you’re trying to scope out whether or not your comfortable buying from/selling to a particular person.

Anyway, my Heart Throb (The pony, that is…not Evan) has had her hair curled at some point, and the effect is super sweet. Both her mane and tail are in large, loose barrel curls (the kind I wish I had in my own hair!) and her forelock is a little ringlet that falls in front of her eyes. Adorable!

Her cutie mark is a series of pink hearts with glittery silver wings.

While I didn’t have a toy of Heart Throb when I was little, she was in the My Little Pony cartoon that I used to watch! Heart Throb was cultivated (she always spoke in a very refined accent), sophisticated and obsessed with anything to do with love, courtship, beauty and high society. She wants every other pony to feel the love that she feels every day and to enjoy what she considers to be the finer things in life – like makeovers and costume parties. She sometimes comes off as a little shallow and superficial and she doesn’t really seem to understand that not every pony places the same importance on makeup and romance as she does. Still, at least her heart is in the right place.

To take these photos I dressed Heart Throb in a piece of jewelery that is very precious to me. Evan he this necklace years ago for our anniversary…or Valentine’s day…or maybe my birthday. Oops! I can’t remember the exact occasion…but it’s okay because he doesn’t remember either. The one thing we do both remember is that it was a few years ago and that I have treasured it ever since. The pendant is in the shape of a heart with a heart-shaped piece of black opal. Evan bought chose this necklace specially because he knew, without me having to point it out for him, that opals are my absolute favourite gemstone.

I now where this necklace on almost every anniversary (and Valentine’s day…just in case :-P) as well as any other time I want to be reminded of Evan and the love we share.

I apologise if I’m being a bit too sentimental…at least Heart Throb would understand my mood!

Do any of you have a special object that reminds you of a loved one? If it’s not too personal, perhaps you’d care to share your story with us in the comments below!