A few weeks ago I briefly introduced you to my very first pony, Bouquet. Although I dedicated a whole post to telling you about how I first received Bouquet and how she began my long-running obsession with My Little Ponies, I never actually gave her a proper profile post…so here it is!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Bouquet is a Brush ‘n’ Grow Pony, one of those ponies with ling manes and extra-long, retractable tails.

One of my favourite things about Bouquet, however, is her colour scheme. her mane and tail feature streaks of bright yellow and almost-neon orange, with a surprise shock of ice-blue. Her plain white body allows this startling and beautiful contrast of colours to really pop.

The most enigmatic quality that Bouquet possesses is her name. In most cases a link (at times a very tenuous link) can be drawn between a pony’s name and her cutie mark. However, despite the fact that Bouquet’s name relates to flowers her cutie mark is…a floppy sun hat. I have to admit, this incongruity tickles me!

I imagine Bouquet’s personality as refined, but a little shy. Imagine a cross between Rarity and Fluttershy from Friendship is Magic. With a cutie mark like that, you just know that Bouquet would be interested in fashion, millinery and, I suspect, shopping.

I am a big fan of hats myself…but I always seem to lose them somehow. In the past week alone I have lost two of my favourite hats, which is particularly annoying as the weather is getting quite cool now and I like wearing hats to keep my ears warm. I am confused about what could have happened to one of these hats in particular, as I could swear I didn’t wear it outside of my apartment at all. If Bouquet could talk, I’m sure she’d scold me (gently) for my carelessness.

Do you have a favourite hat that you own or one that you wish you owned? I’ve always wanted to get myself a top hat…but I’m not convinced I would ever wear it.