Sorry for the long wait in between posts, guys! I thought I would be able to get a few posts done while I was in Hong Kong but that was…let’s say a little optimistic. I’ve been back now since Sunday but I’ve been so tired that I’ve barely gotten out of bed!

Anyway, I wanted to share some outfit ideas based on the newest member of the All the Pretty Ponies herd, Sweet Scribbles.

Sweet Scribbles is bright, bold, geeky and above all…well…sweet! Take a tip from Sweet Scribbles and celebrate life and fashion by injecting some ‘zazz into your wardrobe.

Sweet Scribbles Bright

It’s very easy when you’re working in a professional environment to let your style of dressing slip into the mundane. Sweet Scribbles dares you to be different. With a hot pink pencil skirt (borrowed from Nessbow‘s own wardrobe) and an electric blue bag, Sweet Scribbles demonstrates how you can put a twist on conventional office attire. The winged clogs are a quirky touch.

Sweet Scribbles Punk

Geek meets punk and the combination couldn’t be sweeter. Pair a t-shirt baring the logo of your favourite band (real or fictional) with tartan prints and schoolgirl accessories. A couple of Lego accents show that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Sweet Scribbles Vintage

Pushing boundaries and challenging conventions is all well and good, put sometimes a girl (*cough* filly *cough*) just wants to indulge her feminine side. Draw inspiration from the 1950s with circle skirts, puffy crinolines and pastel hues. Sweet Scribbles would never go anywhere without some sort of writing implement and this time she’s chosen to further indulge her nostalgia by carrying a quill pen. A stylised feather necklace is a thematic link not just to Sweet Scribbles cutie mark, but to her pegasus wings.

Sweet Scribbles Relax

At the end of a hard day of writing and being awesome, Sweet Scribbles likes to throw on a pair of cute slippers (oh my gosh…kittens!), curl up on the couch and…do some more writing! Even when it’s finally time to put the pen down and hit the hay, by slipping on a cute night-mask Sweet Scribbles doesn’t have to give up her sartorial splendour, even in sleep.