I have an extra special treat for this week’s Pony Profile. Introducing…Sweet Scribbles!

In her interview earlier this week, Nessbow of http://www.nessbow.com described what she thought she would be like if she were a My Little Pony, and this is my interpretation of that character.

I tried to give Sweet Scribbles a super-long and luxurious tail and mane, much in the style of the G1 Brush ‘n’ Grow ponies. This was done partly because Nessbow’s favourite childhood pony, Twisty Tails, was a Brush ‘n’ Grown pony and partly because…well…have you seen this girl’s hair?

She puts Rapunzel to shame

As for the glasses, I don’t think she would wear the all the time, but who can resist a pony in glasses?

Sweet Scribbles makes friends everywhere she goes with her warm heart and honest, upfront nature. She is adventurous both in life and fashion and doesn’t always follow the rules, so watch out! Ultimately she is a sweet and kind-hearted mare and delights in bringing colour and laughter into the lives of every pony she meets.

Because I don’t know how to colour images, I used General Zoi’s Pony Creator game to create a rough idea of what I think her colours might look like.

Create your own pony here

I should stress, of course, that this is just my personal interpretation of Sweet Scribbles. Sweet Scribbles belongs to Nessbow.

So what do you guys think? Does Sweet Scribbles seem like a good match for Nessbow? What would each of you be like if you were a pony?