Phew, this sure has been a busy week! My mother and I (and Bouquet, too) are off to Hong Kong in less than 36 hours and I feel like I still have so much to sort out.

Time is limited, so I just wanted to briefly share with you my approach to packing for this holiday.

I’m hoping to do a decent amount of shopping when I’m in Hong Kong, and so I wanted to have as much space in my suitcase as possible. Using the principles I explored in last week’s Fashions off the Field post I decided to pack just a few simple pieces that could be mixed and matched in a variety of ways.

It’s late Spring in Hong Kong at the moment, and apparently pretty warm and muggy (not exactly my favourite type of weather, truth be told). I started with a couple of skirts and my favourite pair of shorts. I then chose three tops, making sure that each top could be worn with two or three of the bottoms.

Much as I had the white dress as the base of the outfits in Fashions off the Field #4, here I have selected a simple black dress that has the potential to be worn in a variety of ways. I also packed my wide, tartan print belt which looks great over the black dress, as well as going pretty well with my beige skirt.

Bouquet is not entirely pleased with my choice of colours.

In terms of footwear, I am bringing only two pairs: my walking shoes flat, black Mary-Janes) and some dressy shoes for going out (red patent leather!)

Another important addition… and I can’t stress this enough…is bathers! Now, I’m not intending on doing any swimming when I’m in Hong Kong, but I have been caught out enough times to now live by this simple axiom: If you are going on ANY kind of holiday, always, ALWAYS pack bathers. So many times I’ve been visiting friends or family and someone has had the suggestion “Let’s go to the pool!” or “Let’s all have a spa!” and I have had to decline because I didn’t have bathers. They don’t really take up much space, so now I bite the bullet and pack them anyway…just in case.

Most important of all, don’t forget to pack plenty of clean underwear!

And that’s all for clothes! Of course I am also bringing a small bag of toiletries, a minimal amount of makeup (foundation, lip gloss and lip stain) and my carry-on luggage/handbag (which largely consists of my passport, my Kobo, by Nintendo DS, a small folding umbrella and Bouquet)

So I’m pretty much ready to go. I’m starting to get a little nervous about the trip, now. I’ll let you know all about it (and how my minimalist packing worked out!) when I return.