Well it’s time Bouquet and I start packing for our Hong Kong holiday! We’re only going to be away for 10 days and, on top of that, I’m planning on doing a little bit of clothes shopping over there. I want to save as much space in my suitcase as possible for all my intended purchases, but at the same time I want to be sure I have everything I need, so very careful thought is going to have to go into every item that I pack.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how a just a few items of clothing and accessories can be combined in different ways to create different outfits. A white dress is the foundation for each of the following looks which I have pulled together. It’s simple and neutral with a classic silhouette, which means it can be mixed and matched with a number of styles, accessorie sand colours (in this case inspired by Bouquet, of course!)

Bouquet Shopping
Heading off on a holiday? You probably won’t have the time and inclination to do your nails while your away. Besides, all those polishes and removers take up unnecessary space in your toiletry bag. One solution is to treat yourself to a shellac or gelish manicure…something in a fun colour that will last for your whole stay. This particular outfit is designed with shopping in mind. It’s stylish, but still practical (flat shoes are a must!). A stylish scarf will not only look good, but can protect your hair from the humidity. Oh, and don’t forget a…umm…”small” bag to carry your purchases in.
Bouquet Walking Tour
Holidays aren’t just about shopping, though (or so I’m told) and there will probably be some interesting and exciting sights to take in at your destination. For this, some sturdier walking shoes are recommended, as well as sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to keep you safe from the sun. By throwing a simple top over the same dress as we used in the last outfit, we instantly get a more casual look. I love that watch, by the way. I really like the idea of something that is both practical and aesthetically appealing. I don’t usually wear watches, but for that beauty I’d make an exception.
Bouquet Night Out

A beaded belt and cute bolero takes our familiar LWD from day to night. You’re ready to hit the town…perhaps to try out some of the local cuisine? You may have noticed the little yellow wallet that has accompanied each of these looks so far. This passport wallet has multiple compartments and a snap closure, meaning you can use it not just for your passport, but for credit cards and cash, too. Also, in the spirit of saving space in your luggage and finding multi-functional items, I bring you the “ring-that-is-also-a-pot-of-solid-perfume”. This has the added bonus of eliminating the risk of spillage that comes with packing a bottle of liquid perfume.

Bouquet by the Pool
Okay, so dresses don’t quite work in the pool…so how about we compromise with this gorgeous vintage-style bathing suit? All you need now is a cute towel (or, you know, any towel), a few items you’ve already used in previous outfits, et voila! Poolside perfection!

So there you have it – four different outfits for four different occasions, composed from a total of 20 individual elements. Not bad! Now if only I can pull together something similarly compact yet comprehensive from my own wardrobe.