As I mentioned in a previous post, last week was my birthday.Niw, I’m the sort of person who, even though I may ber turning, say, 26 (yes, that’s my actual age), generally gets so hyped up in the lead-up to my birthday that you would think I was actually preparing for my 6th!

This year, however, I was feeling a little flat and just couldn’t seem to get excited, or even to plan some kind of fun celebration to get excited about.

It was for this reason that I decided to look to Baby Surprise for inspiration The idea of hosting a pony-themed party briefly crossed mymind but I soon dismissed this as something that would not appeal to most (or, indeed, any!) of my friends.

And then, I had it! The perfect idea for a birthday celebration! Remembering a conversation I had recently with a friend of mine I did a bit of research, purchased some supplies and sent out the invitations.

I told guests that, despite my legendary sweet tooth (my “sweet saber-tooth”, as I like to call it) I was baking birthday cakes that contained no sugar or other sweeteners. I told them that a “secret ingredient” would be supplied but that to find out exactly what was going on they would just have to show up on the night and see.

Here is the spread that awaited guests when they arrived for the festivities.

And the surprise secret ingredient? Miracle Frooties!

Miracle Frooties are  a tablet manufactured from the Miracle Fruit – a berry that temporarily lters the perceived flavour of certain foods so that sour and bitter food consumed afterwards tastes sweet.

I must say, it was a pretty cool experience! We tried a variety of foods and while I’m sorry to say the Miracle Fruit cupcakes recipe I found didn’t work out aswell as expected, the fresh fruit and sour lollies went down a treat.

It’s a difficult experience to describe because essentially the foods retain their same basic flavour (lemons are still lemon-y; tomatoes are still tomato-ey) but any sour notes fade or completely disappear to be replaced with a sense of sweetness. Biting into a lemon is like biting into a lemon-flavoured lolly…except jucier and still with the texture of an actual lemon. Weird.

Personally I found tomatoes to be the strangest food we tried. I mean lemons, limes, strawberries…all of these flavours are used frequently in desserts. Who ever heard of tomato sorbet or tomato-meringue pie? Well I can tell you that these tomatoes tasted heavenly. They showed themselves to truly be the berries they botanically are (I still can’t help thinking of them as vegetables). I kept going back for more just because I couldn’t get m head around the fact that this was a tomato I was tasting.


I also received some gifts from my lovely friends and family, including:

A beautiful box of lillies and daisies from my parents…which I sadly forgot to photograph before they started to wilt 😦

An assortment of musical goodies from my awesome boyfriend, Evan.

Birthday Cake!

A box of several G3 ponies from my brother, Ross.

There are a couple of "My Little Phonies" in there, too.

These super-cool Harry Potter potion necklaces from my dear friend, Vanessa.

Everyone could do with a little Felix Felicis from time to time.

Eveb more ponies from the delightful Grace and Paul.

Princess Trollestia? Is that you?

All in all, despite my initial ambivalence, it turned out to be a brilliant day.

In fact, I kind of miss being the birthday-girl. Ah well, there’s always next year >:-)