I can think of no more appropriate way to end a week focused on the My My Little Pony “Masquerade” than to visit the place where superheroes rub shoulders with Mexican wrestlers and Disney Princesses barter with Trekkies…Supanova!

This was the 10th Anniversary of the pop-culture convention, and the very first such convention that I had ever visited. I was particularly excited because my boyfriend had agreed to come with me in costume.

What disguises did we don?…

James reference picture via Cassie Carnage's House of Horror

Maria reference picture via Fanpop

…Those of the ill-fated James and Maria from Konami’s benchmark survival horror game, “Silent Hill 2”. We aren’t terribly dedicated cosplayers, as you may have noticed from the various inaccuracies in our costumes.

Some people really went all out with their costumes. A few of my favourites include this girl cross-playing as the Hitcher from “The Mighty Boosh”,

A rather spiffing Arnold Rimmer from “Red Dwarf”,

He even ended his salute with a show-accurate flourish

Ariel and Prince Eric from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”,

Not to mention my most exciting find of the day…

Rainbow Dash!

I really should have taken a photo of the back of this girl’s costume. The wings were just superb.

After a day of wandering around we were pretty tired and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing. I ended up watching two of my favourite films about comic books (as opposed to films based on comic books): “Artists and Models” and “Unbreakable”.

“Artists and Models” paints a negative image both of comic books and of comic book fans, but I rather partial to the kooky Bessie Sparrowbrush, played by Shirley Maclaine.

Especially in her Bat Lady costume. Photo via Astromonster

“Unbreakable” is one of my favourite films of all time. I always have to fight back tears during Samuel L. Jackson’s closing lines as Elijah Price.

“Mr Glass”, as the children called him. Photo via Blogography

And how did I end this weekend of masked capers? Why, I put on the only mask I personally own and drifted off to sleep.

So what about you, true believers? Did anyone else have a super weekened? I hope so!

Until next time, nighty-night.