Hello, and welcome to “All The Pretty Ponies”. It is my intention to use this blog to take my lifelong love of My Little Pony toys and translate it into my current lifestyle by profiling each of the ponies in my personal herd, styling outfits based on their appearance and personality and undertaking activities in my everyday life inspired by these diminutive equines.

Essentially I am on a quest to bring some colour into my life…in the form of plastic ponies.

So let’s kick everything off with my very first mid-week pony profile: Masquerade!

Masquerade is a relatively recent addition to my collection. I obtained her in early 2010 from a seller in the UK.




She is a Twinkle-Eyed pegasus pony, one of a collection of ponies with faceted, jewel-like eyes. Masquerade’s eyes are a yellowish shade of green.




Her cutie mark, which you may or may not be able to discern from my fuzzy photos (I really need to find my better camera) features a series of masquerade masks.

Masquerade’s name, and the style of the masks that make up her cutie mark immediately conjures up images of elegant masked balls, with floaty dresses and extravagant disguises.Something about the almost garish colour scheme of this pony seems to jar with this image, however, and I find that there is just something about Masquerade’s vibrant hues, jewel eyes and mask motif that just seems to scream “Superhero!” to me.

I may be slightly biased in this area, of course. I grew up with and older brother and an uncle who were (and continue to be) mad comic-book fanatics and their love of the medium couldn’t help but filter down to me. This is, of course, why I have decided to photograph Masquerade along side one of my current favourite superhero comics, “Empowered”. I will point out that this particular series is definitely not safe for work, however if you like sexy comedy and masked superheroes, then I can’t recommend is highly enough!

Well, that’s all from me and Masquerade for now. Later in the week I’ll post some outfits I’ve styled based on this character…but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own suggestions! What do you think an outfit based on Masquerade should look like? How do you see this pony? What would she be like if she were a human? Do, tell!